Dream Feature – Genesis Henriquez

Dream Feature – Genesis Henriquez
  1. Name:
    Genesis Henriquez, portfolio

  2. Where you’re from?
    Maryland by way of the Dominican Republic.

  3. What is it that you do and how long have you been doing it?
    I’m an Art Director and Designer based in Brooklyn, NY. I specialize in branding, design, and all forms of creative storytelling firmly anchored in social impact work for the past seven years. 

  4. Tell us a little bit about your dream?
    I dream of freedom - creative freedom, financial freedom, the freedom to simply be, whatever that may entail. I shape my world and adapt to meet my needs for each phase of my life.

  5. What inspires you as it relates to your dream?
    I'm inspired by individuals who take action despite their fears, pursuing what their hearts beckon them to do. I find joy in discovering stories of people who embark on fresh beginnings, explore new hobbies, and transition to different careers - anything for the sake of creativity, joy, and wonder—all in the pursuit of creativity, joy, and wonder.

  6. What challenges have you faced in attaining success towards your dream?
    Experiencing fear and anxiety about the unknown, coupled with concerns about perfection and adequacy. Wrestling with intrusive thoughts that hinder the ability to take decisive action.

  7. What advice would you give to other dreamers out there?
    Let go and trust in the process. Take small steps towards the greater reward. Things will fall into place for both you and me. We got this.