Dreams Are Expensive, But Worthwhile Investments

Dreams Are Expensive, But Worthwhile Investments

With all that you have cultivated. What do you do with that?

Flip it. Hustle for the next dream.

My Dad instilled in me and my siblings that purposeful work pays off. He taught me the value of investing in my passions by him investing in mine first. Being a creative and being able materialize my ideas means the world to me. When I’m creating there’s nothing else but myself and the vision.

I think artists, designers and makers, what ever it is that you do creatively, it’s important to manifest your specific aesthetic and philosophy. Not just for yourself and satisfaction, but also for your audience. What makes a designer unique is how they define and draw distinction upon things. Their lens on creating and how things fit together.

I’ve grown restless trying to adopt my way of seeing with the way others view their art. For good reason.
I’ve worked with all types of makers and although collaboration is the ultimate path to making a dream a reality. Too often I’ve seen my vision diminished or watered down to appease other folks.

I know it’s rare that anything ends the way it begins. Creative iteration is key but there’s something to be said about hard fought visions that are unique sound and worthy from the jump.

I guess that’s how I see Hypervivid. It was born out of that restlessness of others over effecting my career and my graphic design work.
Fashion is another creative avenue for me. As I currently see it, it affords me the freedom as a designer that I currently lack in the brand and marketing space. Sure I’m still making for others. But it’s a little bit more take it or leave it. You either get on with the ideas and messages I’m representing, or you don’t and I think that is okay.

Ultimately I want to build a community around this brand and make objects that inspire others to hold on tightly to their visions and their dreams. To hold on to the things that make them singular. To inspire them to capitalize on them.

Dreams are expensive, but worthwhile investments. I know this because everything I’ve learned up until this point, has provided for me the tools to build and invest into this.
I’m excited for Hypervivid’s future as an apparel company and I look forward to creating more objects that inspire others to dream more freely.